Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Concept "Sea of Time (working title)"

We are all drifters on the sea of time, from the moment we are born.

The only hope is the far off land in the distance, tempting, vague.

But the tide is always against us. The water is perpetually flowing toward the opposite direction.

Sooner or later, when one becomes old, worn out, or lose his/her hope, he/she doesn't have enough strength to fight the water anymore. The current will carry the boat backward with it. The 'down hill' of life starts.

Till the end, the water gushing off the water fall, with the beaten boats, into oblivion.

This is a metaphor of life, the constant struggles and enjoyments, successes and failures, of human story.

scenario "Sea of Time (working title)"

Everyone is entitled to a boat, and is bond to that boat. There are all kinds of boats - row boats, race boats, cruisers.... (somebody is born to be rich or powerful...)
Yet, the same fate is shared. No one will be able to reach 'there'. Life is fair, in this sense.

The sea can be beautiful. Sun shine in your face, wind is with you, future is rosary. You yell :"I love my life!"

Exciting news came:"With the latest developments, soon no one will be rowing boat anymore - we are all gonna arrive 'there' on highways in no time!"
But it is doomed to fail.
No technology - no matter how advanced it becomes - can bring us 'there'.

Dis-illusion is unavoidable. Sooner or later. At certain point of your life.
We are all lost on this sea. There is no way out.

And there are for sure moments, that you have to fight, just to keep your head above water.

Life must go on. Before you know it, you start to have your own family, bringing new lifes onto this sea of time.
The un-breakable cycle of life.

Burden and responsibility become the main part of your life. You are not just for yourself anymore. You begin to believe there is no other meaning of life except.

Never give up.
To have a full and rich life, till the last moment possible.
The water freezes, your feet finally land on solid ground, if you keep on and never give up.