Monday, April 02, 2007

Eigen opvattingen (HOORCOLLEGES MEDIA – propedeuse)

1) I think I have to agree with Mr. Koolhaas.
The reason of my choosing animation as my subject, is basically in accordance with the point made by Mr. Koolhaas. It is the urge I found deep inside of me to express myself, to communicate my particular sight and feeling with others, propelled me to try to enter the art world. And the animation is, according me, the most effective means to achieve it.

2) My thoughts after reading the opinions of both sides are:
It is necessary for the makers of documentary film/photo to take a stand point, because that is the only possible way to make a film/photo. The film/photo making is intrinsically a subjective process.
But when dealing with the subject, as a maker of documentary, he/she should intentionally be as neutral and objective as possible. The reality captured with this attitude, according to me, is truly a documentary film/photo.

3) I think we are in a period that animation as an art form is experiencing a fundamental change, and this change will bring along the changes to the whole art, media and entertainment world.
With the help of computer, the animation is becoming a personal implementation. It now not only combines image, movement and sound, but also gives total control of them to one single person. For the first time, a man can build up a 4 dimensional world, with both visual and audio element, all by himself. I am totally amazed by that.
I believe that animation will be gradually individualized and personalized, to the extend that there will be amateur animators, who will ‘make animation as a hobby’. The vision and imagination of human kind will be vastly enriched by that.

4) Now days the most important information source for me is internet. Mostly I surf CNN website and some Chinese news website. From CNN I find news which I couldn’t find from Chinese news website, and vice versa.
It is my belief that there is no media in the world which is absolutely unbiased. Every each media is representing the stand-point and benefit of certain group of people. Therefore, a distorting and manipulating mass media is the inevitable result of the monopoly of USA (or should I say, the western) over the world.
Even though Chinese media is notorious for its non-transparency, still, it provides another point of view to this world. That alone justifies its existence.
When, and only when the world is balanced by multi-powers, then there can be more than one voice been heard, and we have the possibility of getting close to the truth.

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