Tuesday, December 02, 2008

ANIMATIE p10 de vormgever (3)

Onderzoek en ontwikkeling (4)

I made some more recording, this time with somewhat better quality.


Again this was a visit paied to my old friends, the Gabrriels. The couple are fond of witty comments, and that day they were in a playful mood. We managed to joke about things with our limited English and enjoyed it.

In one aspect I noticed how deeply we are all influenced by mass culture. Many of the dialogues held there can be fit into a typical American sitcom. I think this might be an interesting approach - with a caricature visual style and exagerated movement and facial expression I can make a small episode of sitcom out these dialogues.

In another hand, i do get a glimpse of their particular personalities and relationship with eachother. The light way of talking about things is a defense for them, to fend off many difficulties they are currently experiencing at the moment: financially and culturally. I want to reveal that in the animation to the audiences.

Below is a test animation inAfter Effect.

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