Saturday, October 22, 2011

Best Animation award from Italy!

ON THE WATER just won Best Animation award of I've Seen Films Int'l film festival!

The up-to-date award/selection list of ON THE WATER:

Best Animation, I've Seen Films Festival, 2011, Italy
Best National Student Short, Playground festival, 2010, the Netherlands
Best Animated Short & Audience Jury Award, Reggio film festival, 2010, Italy
Best Student Animation, Stoke Your Fires festival 2011, UK
Best Student Animation, animation festival Zwolle, 2011, the Netherlands
Best Int'l Student Animation, Animarte festival, 2011, Brazil

Official selection
Stuttgart Festival of Animated Films 2011, Germany
Anima Mundi Festival, 2011, Brazil
Istanbul Animation Festival, 2011, Turkey
DOK Leipzig, 2011, Germany
Cinemagic International Film Festival, 2011, Ireland
Cortopotere Short Film Festival, 2011, Italy
INTER film festival, 2011, Germany
Fresh Film Fest, 2011, Czech
VarnaFest, 2011, Bulgaria
Open Cinema Film Festival, 2011, Russia
The Int'l Scarecrow Festival, 2011, Netherland
BUSTER Copenhagen Int’l Film Festival, 2011, Denmark
SICAF 2011, South Korea
Corti da Sogni – Antonio Ricci - Int'l Short Film Festival 2011, Italy
AnimFest 2011, Greece
Lowlands Festival, 2011, Netherland
Sedicicorto Int’l Film Festival, 2011, Italy
Santa Barbara Int’l Film Festival 2011, USA
Breda Int’l Film Festival, 2011, Netherland
IndieLisboa Int’l film Festival, 2011, Portugal
AnimFest, 2011, Greece
Breaking Ground NL, 2011, Netherland
Int’l Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao 2010, Spain
Tallinn Black Night festival, 2010, Estonia
Bradford animation festival, 2010, UK
Puchon int’l student animation festival 2010, Korea
Balkanima festival, 2010, Serbia
Etiuda & Anima festival, 2010, Poland
Netherland Film festival, 2010, Netherland
Sint Joostpenning award 2010, the Netherlands
René Coelhoprijs award 2010, the Netherlands


Elifsimge. said...

You just got 'Best Student Work' prize from İstanbul Animation Festival, congrats! :)

Yi Zhao said...

Thank you! Strange, I didn't hear anything from them (yet).

jhon cena said...

No doubt why you get so many blog comments.

Mayumi Elisa said...

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